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You believe in your story. I surrender to it. Capture it. And hand it back to you in a way you can remember forever.

You're about to embark on the most wonderful of adventures. Because you're here that tells me you value epic, mind-blowing photography. Well done!

I'm fortunate, and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how much I love what I do. I illustrate every story you trust me with.

Incredible photographs result from a trusted relationship between us. This comes from a friendship, and from time invested in getting to know you, and why you have chosen the different elements that will make up your wedding day. Think of me as a visual biographer of sorts, a narrator, telling your story through the images of your day.

I want you to be blown away by how beautiful you really are, by how beautiful I see you to be.

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Creative Senior Picture Photographer, Richmond, IN Professional Portrait Photographer:: Holly

by July 18th, 2013 No Comments »

She’s ready to make her mark in the world. Ready to take on the next adventure life has to give her. Meet Holly. She’s got an infectious smile and a gleam in her eye.


_M6C4525T_stompAbove: No photoshop tricks. Yep those are really the tree blossoms showering down around her. We timed it just right!


_M6C4565T_stompShe recently graduated from high school and has been spending her summer preparing for the musical production of “Little Mermaid” at the Richmond Civic Theatre. Who’s she playing? None other than Ariel. And just like Ariel, Holly will soon be exploring new worlds. What’s really cool is Holly’s boyfriend is playing Prince Eric along side her. Not only in the theatre, he was right there for her during her senior photos, carry extra clothing changes, props, making her smile, and sharing in the experience. (see end of post)

_M6C4550T_stompA senior session should always reflect who you are, and Holly did a great job of incorporating elements that highlight her personality. She loves to read and picked out a few of her favorite books to incorporate into some of the images.




_M6C4623T_stompAnother important element of incorporating her personality into the shoot was choosing a location special to her. She choose to stay on her family’s property where we had access to a lot of different niches to shoot in. The creek is a special place to her so we headed there for some shots.






_M6C4785T_stompNew worlds await Holly and I know she’s going to be great at whatever she chooses or wherever she goes.


_M6C4768T_stompIf you have a chance, catch Holly this week-end at the Richmond Civic Theatre for the final performances of “Disney’s The Little Mermaid.”



P.S. We had to get a shot with “Prince Eric” just for fun!





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Senior Photography::Ellie

by November 26th, 2011 No Comments »

When she was two, she loved to brush hair. My hair was long, easy to brush, so I was the lucky one when visiting her house. No one else but Ellie would sit for time on end just brushing and brushing. I would be completely relaxed by the time she grew tired of playing “hair”.

Fast-forward. No, r-e-a-l-l y fast-forward. Her gentle brush strokes have turned into power hits for the Centerville High School volleyball team. She is no longer a quiet little girl. She can be LOUD. Being a part of the team has self admittedly made Ellie a different person. She feels more responsible. “It made me realize that in life, you’re not always going to have the best and you might not always get what you want,” she stated.

I’ve always paired volleyball with Ellie in my mind. But she goes much deeper. Her favorite high school memory is peer helping camp during her junior and senior year. She says it’s a very emotional time. People let down their guard and you learn a lot about each other; how good or bad some people really have it. And if that’s not impressive enough, talk with her about her stance on life. “I am most passionate about life in general. It’s important to live your life to the fullest every single day because you never know when it might end or when it could be terribly disrupted,” Ellie says.

Ellie’s as fun as she is wise for her years. “One thing I want people to know about me is that I love to have fun!  (Check out this past preview) And I try to be nice to every single person. Life isn’t about what you do or what you look like, but who you are and how you act,” she exclaims.

I have no doubt she WILL go far!

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Seniors::Katie’s Passion

by August 25th, 2011 2 Comments »

You could hear the pounding of her feet on the pavement and a slight hint of breath as she ran past me. For Katie, it’s a passion. Running, that is. It’s been a “calling”, something that makes her feel free and at the same time lights her competitive fire. And let’s just be honest, she’s darn good at it.

She’s equally passionate about her creative endeavors. From drawing, sketching, and painting to pursuing musical expression, Katie has a secret addiction to the flow of colors and the intricacies of design.

But the passion for running wins out. She hopes to pursue cross country and track in college, and exercise science and nutrition as her field of study. Along with passion comes her expectations for perfection.  “With running, I work myself in training very hard so that I can visually see results and can ultimately be proud of my accomplishments” Katie stated. “And at school, it’s no joke, I like to get down and dirty with material and make sure that I know what I’m doing before I get in too deep.”

I love getting to know the people I photograph and Katie is no exception. On the day of our shoot our conversations ranged from fitness and nutrition to talking about marching band memories (Her fav was when Mr. Ballin told the entire band that they had just won first place during the day show at state fair.) We also talked about the photo shoot and how she loved the running portion of the shoot because of what a large part running plays in her life and the way it was captured– that prime moment when her feet hit the ground. I didn’t know it at the time but Katie later said it was almost emotional for her because we took the time to get it just right. I consider that a compliment from a girl who seeks perfection!

I have no doubt that Katie will be creating success not matter where she goes in the future.

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Earned Adoration

by January 22nd, 2011 No Comments »

He’s a multifaceted athlete. Soccer, swimming, golf. He’s ambitions. In fact, he’s hoping to pursue Mechanical Engineering next year as a freshman. But the thing I love, love, love about Ian is that he’s an incredible big brother. All you have to do is take a look at his younger sister and brother and you can see the adoration in their eyes. I have no doubt this adoration has been earned.

They (who is THEY exactly??) say the best things come in small packages. This time, I would have to agree. I ran across this product option and had to try it out for myself before telling you about it. The Accordion Mini Book is perfect when you’re having a tough time narrowing down your image selections. With 11 sides to fill, you’ll be able to print and keep all of your favorites in one place.

Places it would be useful: gifts for your wedding party. Instead of giving them something beforehand, give this after the big day or as a follow up thank you to your friends who so graciously agreed to incur bridesmaid dress purchases and tuxedo rentals. Or what about a new mom who has tons of adorable newborn images to choose from and a senior who wants to capture a sequence of actions?

The great thing is when they are folded up, they’re small! Measuring a square 3 x 3 size, they fit in purses, backpacks, even a back pocket (although I don’t advise that for long).

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Senior:: Dara

by September 5th, 2009 No Comments »

Dara, this is for you. Your sneak peak into our photo shoot. I haven’t been able to finish up processing all the images yet. Summer and fall are the times of senior pictures and weddings, so it’s been a bit crazy lately.

It was such an “adventurous” morning taking photos. Dara was a real trouper when it came to posing in crazy places (yep, those crazy places make for the greatest images), from climbing up high on an abandoned doorstep, sitting on railroad tracks, laying in tall grasses full of several bugs (not her favorite thing) to wading in water in her prom dress with a bit of an audience watching her (not to mention a couple more bugs).

I can’t wait to show you more, but for now here’s the sneak peak! Prom dress water pictures coming soon.







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Little Black Dress

by February 16th, 2009 No Comments »

You’ve all heard about the “little black dress” but I’m telling you, there is something magical about it. At least for “M”. We found a great, COMFORTABLE location for senior shots, the black dress went on, and it was like “POOF”!  “M” was suddenly transformed into a magical being. She radiated happiness, confidence and a sense of freedom.


I especially like this one!


And as much as her mom may not appreciate my saying so,  I thought “M” looked especially glamorous and sexy in this shot. I love the light behind her!


And now, I’m going shopping now for my own black dress!

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