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You believe in your story. I surrender to it. Capture it. And hand it back to you in a way you can remember forever.

You're about to embark on the most wonderful of adventures. Because you're here that tells me you value epic, mind-blowing photography. Well done!

I'm fortunate, and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how much I love what I do. I illustrate every story you trust me with.

Incredible photographs result from a trusted relationship between us. This comes from a friendship, and from time invested in getting to know you, and why you have chosen the different elements that will make up your wedding day. Think of me as a visual biographer of sorts, a narrator, telling your story through the images of your day.

I want you to be blown away by how beautiful you really are, by how beautiful I see you to be.

Lets get started!

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Family Photography in Richmond Indiana at the Cope Environmental Center :: Meet the Jacksons

by March 22nd, 2013 No Comments »

Trying to coordinate clothing and schedules can become challenging when it comes to family photography, but the Jackson family did a great job of making something that can be complex look EASY.  We had been talking for awhile about various ideas for their family photo session and decided on shooting at the Cope Environmental Center in Richmond, Indiana. It turned out to be the perfect location to allow Benjamin and Lydia all the room and freedom to be themselves and have a bit of adventure. “I love how you just went with what they were already doing.  They didn’t feel pressured to move and pose a certain way.  They even got to eat the apples,” stated Brandi (mom).  Little did I know when I picked them out that Lydia and Benjamin LOVE green apples.


Brandi enjoys photography herself and knows just how much energy can go into shooting kids. When I asked her what everyone’s favorite part of the session was she said, “Well, for Benjamin it was the apples, Lydia liked posing for the pile up picture, and for me it was the whole thing–it was great having someone else working to get the smiles and poses. For Daniel, well… he enjoyed looking at the end results.


Family photographs mean more when personal objects can be incorporated. Benjamin has loved “things that go” since he was one year old.  Trucks, trains, airplanes…he has always been fascinated with them.  His great grandpa was in the Air Force and helped foster his love of planes by finding cool toy planes everywhere he went. Benjamin still is the first to spot planes, trains, and any construction equipment and point them out to the rest of his family.



The Jacksons have fun together no matter what they are doing!  They play together a lot; taking walks, playing games, swimming, reading, watching movies, dancing around the house, and laughing.

Lydia started dance class when she was 3. Like most kids, she wanted to try something new after a couple years. But now at age 7, she is back in dance and loves every second of it. She especially loves ballet with all the stretches and pointy toes and was recently selected to perform parts in the Nutcracker with a Chicago dance company and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra.  I’m impressed!

It’s not just about the kids! Mom and Dad should be captured as much as the kids.


Pure happiness



 It was fun spending time with Benjamin, Lydia, Brandi and Daniel. I hope these images will spark a reminder back to a fun day eating apples and dancing in the sunlight.





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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | All Boy, Indiana Portrait Photographer Susanna Tanner

by June 5th, 2012 4 Comments »

In light of Father’s Day, which is fast approaching, I decided to submit an image to the June I Heart Faces Photo Challenge. I’ve been pretty lazy lately and haven’t entered anything in a competition for awhile. It’s a fun challenge. This month is called “All Boy” and this image seems extremely fitting.

David is SUPER DAD! Seriously. His job title on Facebook is “Head Honcho – Stay At Home Dad”. He studied engineering at Purdue University, and worked for Lutron Electronics and Toyota to name a few. But when he and his wife had their son (the one hanging upside down ;-)) he decided the best job he could have was staying at home with their baby. Dropping their newborn at day care everyday was killing him inside. And so his fatherly journey expanded. Diaper changes, nap time, toddler tantrums, making lunch, laundry, and trips to the zoo…there’s nothing he won’t do. And now, there are two. He looks pretty darn happy.

Happy Father’s Day David (okay, it’s a little early)—to you and all the other Dads out there making a difference in the lives of their kids.

Photo Challenge Submission

This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com

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Newborn Photography::Porter

by June 10th, 2011 2 Comments »

After 24 hours of labor, little Porter joined his mom and dad to make the Shaw family complete. Four days later he was the star in his very first photo shoot! His mom prepared ahead of time for our shoot, bringing in props and accessories like the red wagon and the white bucket. Fun stuff!

No newborn shoot is complete without capturing details.

The little guy seemed to enjoy being bundled up in this hand knitted hat and cocoon, made exclusively by Mandy Ford.

I know it LOOKS like Porter was a sleeping angel for the entire shoot, but admittedly we had to work at it a bit. And toward the end, he let us know when he had enough. That’s okay little guy, you’re cute no matter what expression you throw the camera. Welcome to the world Porter!

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The Family Documentalist

by November 25th, 2010 No Comments »

It affected me more than I expected. Mothers and daughters expressing themselves so freely in front of me. A photographers dream, of course, but also a mother’s dream. To have a photo, a moment captured, of just you and your children. No one else. It’s rare.

Mothers are wonderful at documenting the life of their families. They’re the first ones to pick up the camera or video recorder to forever keep the momentous occasions. First steps across the room. Birthday parties in full force. Faces aglow on Christmas morning amidst discarded wrapping paper. But what about evidence that mom was there, present in the moments of her family? That she existed, and what she looked like. Years from now looking back and discovering the true color of her hair. Or one day finding that photo so full of love between and mom and daughter that it repairs a relationship tear that occurred over teenage strife or something else that now seems silly.

When Girls Inc. contacted me to see if I would be interested in capturing portraits of the women attending their Mother Daughter event I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Every mom should have an image with their children. Just them. No one else. And so should their daughters.

Mothers and daughters share this odd sense of space. Many mothers completely give up their personal space. Most of the time it’s okay. Some days it can be overwhelming.

And then again, there can be a sense of separation. That small amount of space that says, “We’re still connected but we are our own people, and I will be back”.

There is a complete safety when enveloped in the arms of your mother. Your back is covered (literally and figuratively), it’s warm, and there is always, ALWAYS a place to lay your head.

The beginning of the push-pull of growing up. “Pleasseee don’t kiss me in front of other people” and in the same breath asking for you to come tuck them into bed. It’s bittersweet.

Every pair (or trio)  has their own dynamic, own way of interacting and showing love.

And even through difficult times of discipline, it’s important to remember that MOM IS FUN!

Thanks to ALL the moms and daughters who so generously revealed themselves and their relationships with the camera. You rock!

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Madison + Miki

by August 4th, 2010 No Comments »

To be completely honest, I wasn’t in the mood. It was a million degrees out, and we had been renovating out kitchen for what felt like FOREVER, and I hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep beforehand. It was Sunday. My day to try not to think about photography. But what “photographer” mother can turn down the pleas of her daughter to photograph her and a friend? She wanted a “real” photo shoot. Not just snap, snap with the point and shoot. So, we settled for a mini-photo shoot instead.

These girls laughed and giggled to the point of snorting. How EMBARASSING! To be 13 again.

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Miss “W” turns 1!

by October 19th, 2009 No Comments »

Yesterday, I spent some time photographing Willow as she turned one year old. For me, it’s a real privilege to be invited to photograph monumental occasions in a couple’s life, and after photographing her mommy and daddy’s wedding and then baby pictures, being asked to document her first-year celebration was a treat and honor.

Balloons means it's time to partyWillow gets a little sugar and grandpa gives a little sugar....The hat never really did interest her, but was too cute not to capture!Imagine having sugar for the first time in your life!

Click on an image to view it in a larger size.

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Putting things into perspective…

by March 10th, 2009 No Comments »

Terri Stone, Editor in Chief of CreativePro.com, came out with a thought we could all use reminding of…

It’s hard not to feel down when every possible medium is hammering us with bad economic news. But last week, the radio show “Here and Now” ran a story that, for me at least, puts our current plight in perspective.

The news piece was about the work of Dorothea Lange, an American photographer who lived from May 26, 1895, to October 11, 1965.

Lange originally made her living shooting portraits of wealthy people, but when she saw how the Great Depression was devastating the United States, she took her camera to the street and was hired to document migrant workers’ life under FDR’s New Deal.

Yes, the stock market is hitting new lows every day, and many people are losing their jobs and their homes. And there’s no doubt that some — including those who work the very fields Lange photographed decades ago — live in dire poverty. Yet most of us today are nowhere near the stark destitution Lange chronicled. Hold onto that thought when the next negative headline hits you.

To listen to the inspirational radio piece and see several of Lange’s photos, go to the “Here and Now” Web site. For a full-blown exploration of her images, check out the Library of Congress archive.


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