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You believe in your story. I surrender to it. Capture it. And hand it back to you in a way you can remember forever.

You're about to embark on the most wonderful of adventures. Because you're here that tells me you value epic, mind-blowing photography. Well done!

I'm fortunate, and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how much I love what I do. I illustrate every story you trust me with.

Incredible photographs result from a trusted relationship between us. This comes from a friendship, and from time invested in getting to know you, and why you have chosen the different elements that will make up your wedding day. Think of me as a visual biographer of sorts, a narrator, telling your story through the images of your day.

I want you to be blown away by how beautiful you really are, by how beautiful I see you to be.

Lets get started!

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Indiana Newborn Photography:: Ohio Newborn Photography

by June 14th, 2013 No Comments »

Indianapolis Maternity Photography


You remember this right? This is one of my favorite images from Erica and Clark’s maternity shoot. Simple, clean, elegant, a beautiful belly… Now it’s time to meet the newest member of the family, Andrew.

Indiana Ohio Newborn Photography


Indiana Ohio Newborn Photography


Andrew wasn’t so happy posing for his newborn photo shoot. In fact, he had a lot to say about not being in his mama’s arms.

Indiana Ohio Newborn Photography

Indiana Ohio Newborn Photography

Indiana Ohio Newborn Photography


Indiana Ohio Newborn Photography


Welcome to the world Andrew!

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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | All Boy, Indiana Portrait Photographer Susanna Tanner

by June 5th, 2012 4 Comments »

In light of Father’s Day, which is fast approaching, I decided to submit an image to the June I Heart Faces Photo Challenge. I’ve been pretty lazy lately and haven’t entered anything in a competition for awhile. It’s a fun challenge. This month is called “All Boy” and this image seems extremely fitting.

David is SUPER DAD! Seriously. His job title on Facebook is “Head Honcho – Stay At Home Dad”. He studied engineering at Purdue University, and worked for Lutron Electronics and Toyota to name a few. But when he and his wife had their son (the one hanging upside down ;-)) he decided the best job he could have was staying at home with their baby. Dropping their newborn at day care everyday was killing him inside. And so his fatherly journey expanded. Diaper changes, nap time, toddler tantrums, making lunch, laundry, and trips to the zoo…there’s nothing he won’t do. And now, there are two. He looks pretty darn happy.

Happy Father’s Day David (okay, it’s a little early)—to you and all the other Dads out there making a difference in the lives of their kids.

Photo Challenge Submission

This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com

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Newborn Photography::Porter

by June 10th, 2011 2 Comments »

After 24 hours of labor, little Porter joined his mom and dad to make the Shaw family complete. Four days later he was the star in his very first photo shoot! His mom prepared ahead of time for our shoot, bringing in props and accessories like the red wagon and the white bucket. Fun stuff!

No newborn shoot is complete without capturing details.

The little guy seemed to enjoy being bundled up in this hand knitted hat and cocoon, made exclusively by Mandy Ford.

I know it LOOKS like Porter was a sleeping angel for the entire shoot, but admittedly we had to work at it a bit. And toward the end, he let us know when he had enough. That’s okay little guy, you’re cute no matter what expression you throw the camera. Welcome to the world Porter!

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Newborn:: Harlow

by July 9th, 2010 No Comments »

Newborns are so interesting to work with. Thinking that ten day old Harlow would be asleep for most of her photo shoot, I was planning on being able to mold and shape her pliable new body into soft curves and circular shapes. But Harlow had other ideas and by gosh, she was going to stay awake for her photo debut!

double image of feet

She’s such a good baby. Little Harlow only cried once (hunger pains set in) and only wet the backdrop once. Not bad for a newborn. Holding her brought back memories of holding my own girls at that age and how time truly does fly by. I’m betting Harlow has already changed quite a bit in the last two weeks since these were taken.

Detail shots are some of my favorite. Little toes, wrinkles only acceptable to newborns, the curve of an ear, a perfect little mouth and toes…amazing details that only nature could create.

baby and mommy hug

Okay, I lied…I think these images, of mother and child, are my favorite. Someday Harlow will look back and be amazed at not only her small self but also her mom. And she may be cradling her own newborn against her chest, feeling all kinds of love coming out of her for this baby, and realize that her mom must have felt the same way about her.

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How Cute is She???

by March 26th, 2009 3 Comments »

I love it when a former bride and groom ask me to be a part of one of the next big steps in their lives…babies! The connection is pretty cool. Anyway, Little Miss W was about five months old when I packed up my gear and trotted over to their home for a late morning shoot. The unfortunate part is that Miss W had just come off of an ear infection and wasn’t feeling overly photographic that day. Babies…so unpredictable. Of course, we’re all entitled to a blah day, right?  I’ll be going back to try for another day of smiles and giggles. In the meantime, I thought I would share a few of her more somber moments. She’s still cute no matter what kind of mood she’s in.

Okay. I lied. This is the one smile we managed to get that morning!





And of course, you can’t foget some of those cute body parts! It’s all about remembering the details.


Stay tuned for Little Miss W’s happier days!

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A Very Cool Opportunity!

by September 18th, 2008 2 Comments »

A few weeks ago I was approached with an exciting project. Reid Hospital wanted images made of two special newborns: the last infant and it’s family to say goodbye to the old Reid, and first infant and it’s family to welcome the New Reid. How cool is that? Last week Reid moved to their new location and in the midst of the organized chaos of moving, two special little guys entered the world.

Xavier: the last baby born at the old Reid

Xavier: the last baby born at the old Reid

Lanton Reid: first baby born at the new Reid

Lanton Reid: first baby born at the new Reid

And speaking of Reid, you’ve probably seen the photo below several times in the Palladium Item or other various publications, advertising the “New Reid”. ST Photography had the privilege of working with Reid again, photographing members of their hospital team to promote the grand opening.

The "New Reid" ad, photography by ST Photography.

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