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You believe in your story. I surrender to it. Capture it. And hand it back to you in a way you can remember forever.

You're about to embark on the most wonderful of adventures. Because you're here that tells me you value epic, mind-blowing photography. Well done!

I'm fortunate, and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how much I love what I do. I illustrate every story you trust me with.

Incredible photographs result from a trusted relationship between us. This comes from a friendship, and from time invested in getting to know you, and why you have chosen the different elements that will make up your wedding day. Think of me as a visual biographer of sorts, a narrator, telling your story through the images of your day.

I want you to be blown away by how beautiful you really are, by how beautiful I see you to be.

Lets get started!

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Susanna Tanner Photography: Celebrating Mother’s Day

by May 4th, 2012 No Comments »

Grilled cheese (or grilled peanut butter) and a bowl of steaming tomato soup, topped off with crunched up Saltines. This meal used to make the worst case of strep throat feel so much better. But who am I kidding. It wasn’t just the food that made me feel better but the person who brought it to me. My mom. Knowing that she was there, taking care of me, and stroking my hair as she listened to me whine about how bad I felt was all the comfort I needed to get through my nasty sore throat.

Mother’s Day is a week away. You’re thinking about honoring your mom (or maybe your wife) for all the special, unacknowledged things that she does throughout the year. Flowers? Nice, but they don’t last. Earrings? It’s always great to get something new to wear buuuuuutt (sing songy tone–can you hear it?) what about an experience? A family experience that turns into a personal piece of wall art, that eventually reminds you of a special time in your history? A memory. What about the gift of a photo shoot for your wife, mom or any other special female in your life to showcase her role as a mother?

I look forward to making your shopping easier this year. Even more important, I look forward to helping create a lifelong memory for your family.

Contact me at susannatanner@comcast.net to make your memory!

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Watching a Slow Motion Car Accident

by June 16th, 2011 5 Comments »

We’ve been colleagues for years, but I just met Jerry. Our paths never crossed until last fall. I was working on IU East’s Alumni Magazine, Radius, and Jerry’s story was to be featured. The story immediately grabbed my attention: IU East professor in need of a kidney transplant due to Alport’s Syndrome – former student comes forward to donate his kidney to ex-professor. You would hope the story ends there. Or maybe there is an epilogue telling us about the success of the surgery and revitalized quality of life for all. But so far, it hasn’t happened that way.

Due to some health concerns of his own, this former student hasn’t been able to go forth with the transplant surgery; Jerry is still waiting. What a long wait it must be. He’s still teaching  (a full schedule) college students how to become amazing teachers themselves, he’s still a dad and a husband, still a colleague and friend, all the while going to dialysis three nights a week from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m so that he can continue to teach.

Jerry is working with James Barbre, a graduate studies director at IU East, to film a documentary of their evolving journey. They hope to document everything: the treatment, the challenges and a happy ending.

“It’s tiring,“ Jerry said to me. “I just feel like I’m watching a slow motion car accident and I can’t do anything to help.”

I captured Jerry during three different photo shoots for the story, but one of the locations in particular opened my eyes. Jerry allowed me to accompany him to an evening of dialysis. You don’t really understand what people go through until you observe it for yourself.

It’s the ambiance of the place and putting real faces with the stories that solidified it for me. Patients lay in a dimly lit room, hooked up through needles and tubes to a machine that sustains life. These people CANNOT miss a treatment. And they wait. Wait for a kidney, wait for a better quality of life, wait for peace of mind.

Jerry has a lot of life yet to live; to witness big dreams for his kids , to impact more education students, and to teach more people about organ donation. I wouldn’t ask something of the internet that I wouldn’t consider for myself. Yes, I was tested and I’m not a compatible match for Jerry. But you might be.

So here’s the 411: there are no medical costs to donors. If you are blood type A or O, you just might be the one that can help Jerry continue living his life. And here’s the thing, you can continue to still live your life too. Please call IU Health at 800-382-4602 and ask for Kelly to find out more.  You can also to go Donate Life America (www.donatelife.net) or the National Kidney Foundation (www.kidney.org) to find out just about anything on kidney disease, dialysis, or transplantation.

Jerry isn’t just a colleague anymore. He’s a friend. And he desperately needs a kidney.

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Earned Adoration

by January 22nd, 2011 No Comments »

He’s a multifaceted athlete. Soccer, swimming, golf. He’s ambitions. In fact, he’s hoping to pursue Mechanical Engineering next year as a freshman. But the thing I love, love, love about Ian is that he’s an incredible big brother. All you have to do is take a look at his younger sister and brother and you can see the adoration in their eyes. I have no doubt this adoration has been earned.

They (who is THEY exactly??) say the best things come in small packages. This time, I would have to agree. I ran across this product option and had to try it out for myself before telling you about it. The Accordion Mini Book is perfect when you’re having a tough time narrowing down your image selections. With 11 sides to fill, you’ll be able to print and keep all of your favorites in one place.

Places it would be useful: gifts for your wedding party. Instead of giving them something beforehand, give this after the big day or as a follow up thank you to your friends who so graciously agreed to incur bridesmaid dress purchases and tuxedo rentals. Or what about a new mom who has tons of adorable newborn images to choose from and a senior who wants to capture a sequence of actions?

The great thing is when they are folded up, they’re small! Measuring a square 3 x 3 size, they fit in purses, backpacks, even a back pocket (although I don’t advise that for long).

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Being Thankful

by November 8th, 2010 No Comments »

I received a phone call from Ellen the other day. Her story is amazing, not unlike a lot of the stories of breast cancer survivors. I just love this photo of her and her hubby, by the way.

Ellen and her husband Tim

I met Ellen and her family through the Reid Foundations “I am thankful” campaign. Working with Reid to capture the images and stories of how the hospital and staff has positively influences people’s lives around the Wayne County and surround area, I met a lot of very interesting people with interesting stories. But Ellen captured my heart. Maybe because I’m a mom like her, maybe because I could imagine how she might have felt when she heard her diagnosis, or just maybe it was because we’re really not too far apart in age.

When I talked with Ellen, she mentioned no one had photographed her since her diagnosis. She wouldn’t let them – – until now. And I am so, so honored to be the first once since to capture Ellen and her family together.  Ellen you have an amazing spirit! I think it shows below, don’t you?

This photo was choosen to be the cover shot for the "I am Thankful" campaign book.

Below are the inside pages of the campaign piece and MORE amazing stories of how Reid has touched people’s lives.

This piece/project has been one of my favorites to be a part of. It truly takes a team of story gathers and writers at the Reid Foundation, (a photographer) and a wonderful graphic designer, Janhavi Vora, at CS Kern who did the hard work of bringing the pieces together to make an outstanding publication. Read on!

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A Tragic Loss

by November 4th, 2008 No Comments »

When the phone rang Sunday morning, I didn’t expected to hear tragic news. One of my brides (PK) was calling to tell me her brother-in-law tragically died in an auto accident. He was only 23, and after 2 1/2 months of marriage, her new groom (D) had lost not only his brother, but also his best man. PK was rapidly trying to gather images of her brother-in-law for the funeral.

I can’t seem to shake this couple from my thoughts. I’m struck by not only how fragile life really is, but also how a photograph can suddenly take on new importance. In fact, in some instances, it may be all we have left to remind us of a certain time in our life or a certain person. It reminds me of why I do what I do.

I’m so happy I was able to capture this moment. There are times when I have to shoot within the constraints of a location or set up, which is limiting. But on this particular wedding day, the gift of being in the right place at the right time, with the right access to lighting and position allowed a very precious memory to be preserved forever.


PK and D, I’m so very sorry for your loss.

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